Choose a Glass Room for Stunning Outdoor Living

Could you do with an effective space solution without the expense or hassle of extending your home?

If so, you’re in the right place. Our contemporary garden Glass Rooms and studios act as a perfect lounge area, office or even dining room.

garden glass rooms studio

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Glass Rooms Information & Spec

Why Choose a Glass Room from Lanai Outdoor?

  • Bring the outside in – giving you a feeling of freedom and being outdoors.
  • All year round flexibility – whether it is hot or cold outside, your glass room is the perfect solution.
  • Seamless glass walls – sides can be opened to take advantage of bright sunny days or closed to keep out the wind and rain whilst still enjoying the feeling of being outdoors.
  • Outside living space – perfect for lounging without the worry of having to rush the cushions inside when the sky goes grey.
  • Enjoy your garden for longer – additional options available include awnings, LED lighting and electrical radiant heaters to maximise the use of your glass room.
  • Quality time with friends and family – get together in a contemporary space you can be proud of.

Glass Rooms for Lounging & Dining

Do you want to spend more time enjoying the outdoors? Like many of us, do you want to take advantage of your garden on a regular basis no matter what the weather. With one of our glass rooms built onto your house covering all or part of your patio, you can create an area that gives you protection from the elements whilst taking full advantage of the summer days too.

At Lanai Outdoor we can help you to create an ideal space to sit back and relax whilst taking in the delights of your garden. Your bespoke glass room will create your personal oasis flooded with light and with a selection of flexible and fixed glazed units creates an easy transition from the house into the garden.

Say Hello to Extra Space

Our Lanai garden glass rooms and studios are available with either contemporary sliding doors or concertina style doors. Both these styles of doors can be opened up to bring your garden into your home.

With premium quality components and fitting, the Lanai Outdoor glass room doors are easy to open. Sliding the panels is a breeze due to exceptionally smooth operation and can be locked if needed. With so many flexible and fixed-glazing side elements to choose from, there are a wide range of combinations awaiting you.

Bespoke To You

We design every last detail down to your personal specifications and desires. Our design team work with only the best manufacturers to produce the most stylish and functional structures that are perfect for your home.

All of our contemporary garden glass rooms, studios and extensions are made to a supreme level of quality and are functional as well as durable. We offer a full 10 year guarantee on our structures, and we’re confident they will last and be enjoyed for years and years to come.

We’re competitive with our prices and don’t like to be beaten! Our designers work directly with you to work for a design that fits not only your aesthetic tastes but your budget too. We have a wide range of alternate structures and designs available that range in price.

With an effortless all glass system, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Thanks to our premium quality components and fittings, all glass sliding doors are a breeze to operate and can also be locked if needed.


The glass rooms convenient and easy-glide sliding wall has a foot-operated lock on the inside, therefore, there is no need to bend over.


The intelligent actuator function makes for very fast operation of the all-glass elements. You can slide multiple panels in one go, close entire fronts with a flick of the wrist.

Our design team will work with you to help you blend your glass room with the shape and appearance of any building facade, even on protruding walls and corner solutions.

We will be happy to explain to you which style of roof is suitable for your needs.


With a selection of over 200 different frame colours for you to choose from, you have a choice of diverse colours which harmonise with the architecture.

Identical colours – for a perfect match.

As all the powder coating is done at the time your bespoke glass room is produced, you can rest assured that your product comes with the same top-class colour tonality and identical gloss level.

Choose from an abundance of high quality colours:

  • 47 standard RAL rack colours, silk gloss
  • 9 scratchproof, resistant trend colours with an elegant textured look
  • over 150 special RAL colours


Colour manufacturers make every effort to guarantee colour stability. Despite this, as a result of the ban on the use of heavy metals in powder coatings, it therefore cannot be excluded that colours in general, and Fire Red (RAL 3000) in particular, may fade with time. Colours may differ significantly due to the printing process.

Glass Room Accessories and Control

Would you like to be able to control your patio lighting, heating system or awning at the press of a button from your sun lounger? And for the awning to retract all on its own if it’s windy and rainy even if you’re not at home?


An easy to operate hand transmitter with or without display even sends the interference-free radio signal through metal facades and thick insulating layers. And it’s even possible to control them using a tablet or phone with the app.

With the right form of sun protection for your glass room, the fabric will shelter you from the heat, glare and prying eyes.


We can offer you anti-glare protection with an under mounted awning. With customisable sizes  to create a good fit for any rectangular glass room roof, which also provides ample air circulation.

Take a look at our range: Roof Blinds 

Large vertical glass areas allow the sun to pour in virtually unhindered creating heated interior spaces. However, if you require sun protection, an anti-glare screen, wind protection and privacy protection all rolled into one, then we can offer you an externally fitted vertical awning.

The fabric and technology are both housed in one miniature, delicate cassette but are still capable shading large areas. Available in different versions, colours and fabric qualities to suit your requirements and wind loads.

Vertical protection from the sun and prying eyes comes in the shape of our vertical awnings.

See them here >  Vertical Awnings

Technical Highlights


The universal rail guide is ideal for windows that are only exposed to moderate wind load


The wire/rope guide is the optimal solution if you desire a particularly light and airy outer appearance. It is also suitable for windows with moderate wind load, the vertical awning is convincing because of its fresh and airy look.


The great design of the miniature cassette size, with a cassette height of between 74mm and 86mm, this cassette is especially small and discreet.

We all know the feeling – the wish to be warm when it starts getting cold. Your glass room can be cosy and warm on cooler days with a pleasant, instant heat.


With a special kind of outdoor patio heating which works in the same way as the sun, our glass room heating system provides a very comfortable and lasting warmth. With the addition of this patio heater, you can sit outdoors in pleasant surroundings even on cool days and evenings.

Our outdoor patio heating system provides comfortable warmth allowing you to enjoy more time on the patio in the early and late season and on cool evenings. The ultramodern, safe system is reliable and provides full heating power only one or two seconds after being turned on, converting 90 to 95% of the electrical energy into heat.

Product details:

  • maximum heating output from an ultra-slim housing
  • high efficiency thanks to infrared shortwave radiant heaters
  • swivel heating feature allows you to pinpoint where to heat
  • splash protection makes it suitable for use indoors and outdoors
  • housing only heats up slightly
  • available in 200 RAL colours
  • easy to retrofit

Create a pleasant, instant heat without any pre-heating: the energy-efficient infrared heater delivers a heat output of over 1,500 watts. Very easy to operate and control using the remote control.

Enjoy your glass room later into the evening with energy-saving LED technology.


LED light bars can significantly extend the use of your glass room creating an atmospheric wamr glow.

Based on modern LED technology, these innovative light bars have a long lifetime of some 30,000 hours.

These LED light bars can be operated and even dimmed using remote-control technology.

Add a wind sensor to your glass room which will automatically react to wind and weather.


Sensor technology automatically opens your awning when the sun comes out and can optionally retract it in the wind and rain:

  • solar sensor
  • sun and wind sensor (solar powered version also available)
  • sun, wind and rain sensor
Ventilation options for your glass roof.

Roof vents for a breath of fresh air.


A permanent roof vent provides a healthy climate and reliable ventilation, Offering:

  • ingenious design using overlapping roof covers
  • optional insect screen
  • optional winter screen for better thermal protection

Sliding skylights: ventilation at the push of a button.


Lose the heat via the roof with a sliding skylight creates a pleasant climate in your glass room.

  • readily retrofittable
  • including motor for convenient automatic control
  • easy to regulate using the hand transmitter
  • opens as wide as you want

If you want to transform your patio so that you can spend more time enjoying your garden with your family and friends, or if you have been thinking about having a conservatory built, why not consider one of the flexible glass rooms from Lanai Outdoor.

Recent Glass Room Installations


Glass Room in Cambridgeshire

Beautiful Glass Room, recently installed in Cambridgeshire This glass room works very well as an extension to the kitchen, notice how the customer has used the same flooring in both the kitchen and the glass room. Installed with lights, heaters and a remote controlled roof


Glass Room in Shropshire

Another breath taking installation of the Lanai glass room This system features the Terrazza Plus overhanging roof with integrated gutter system and both sliding and fixed glass elevations. We will add further photos once the landscaping and internal tiling works are finished but I think


Glass Room in Bristol

Stunning installation of a glass room to a new property in Bristol Sliding glass doors, infra-red dimmable heating and dimmable LED lighting will ensure this customer can enjoy unobstructed views of their garden year round.


German Glass Room in Cheshire

Stunning installation of a 5m x 5m Lanai German glass room This installation featured frameless glass doors and was colour matched to blend in with this beautiful Cheshire property. The customer is thrilled and has just placed a repeat order for remotely operated roof blinds


Stunning Roof Terrace Installation

Stunning roof terrace installation to an exclusive penthouse in Greenwich Despite many logistical challenges and planning regulations we have completed this breathtaking installation and the customer is thrilled with the finished product The existing canopy has been enclosed in frameless glass sliding doors and fixed


Glass Room in Hampshire

German glass room adds contemporary elegance to a Hampshire property This Hampshire property now boasts a 3 x 3 m glass room with sliding, frameless glass doors, under-blind, lighting and heating systems. Our stunning German glass room undoubtedly adds contemporary elegance to this property. The


Glass Room Installed in Brentwood, Essex

This glass room sits beautifully in its surroundings, complimenting both the house and the garden. This installation show that our glass room work well both in a traditional and modern setting. What a lovely place to sit back and relax and take advantage of the views out to the garden.


Glass Room Installation in Derbyshire

This glass room compliments the stunning garden it stands in. What a beautiful garden this glass room is set within creating an area from which to enjoy the garden year round. The choice of colour for the frame of this glass room truly compliments its beautiful surroundings. 


Glass Room addition to property in Milton Keynes

This glass room creates a covered space to access the house. This addition of this glass room to this property offers protection from the elements. The area created allows the owners and visitor alike to take off wet clothing or muddy boots under cover, helping to keep the house clean.


Glass Room Installed in North West London

This glass room has the addition of a blind to cover the front and heater. This London glass room installation has the benefits of a blind fitted to the cover the front elevation and another for the glass ceiling.  These offer privacy to our customer


Glass Room Installed in Redditch, Worcestershire

This glass room offers lovely views of the surrounding countryside.   This glass room will be a lovely quiet location from which to enjoy the view. It is located facing out to open fields so they will certainly be able to enjoy outdoor living from here. When the customer has furnished


Glass Room Installed in Wallingford, Oxfordshire

This glass room creates an outside room from which to enjoy the garden from. This glass room creates a lovely outside space which can be used to enjoy the garden from. When the customer has had the opportunity to add their selected furniture to it, they will have a lovely space which


Glass Room Installation in Northwich, Cheshire

This glass room creates a beautiful place to enjoy the outside without having to worry if it rains. This lovely glass room has been designed as an extension to the home offering a lovely seating area to enjoy the outside whilst maintaining protection from the elements. If you


Glass Room Installation in South Croydon

This glass room installation in South Croydon has the addition of an over awning.   This glass room installation comes off the main living room and has the addition of an awning over the top (operated by a remote control).  The awning gives the option to