The perfect addition for your establishment.

Lanai Outdoor have a range of commercial solutions offering a range of canopies, awnings and verandas to make the most of uncovered or unused outdoor space.

Whether adding sun protection or protecting your customers from inclement weather, we have a range of solutions for all types of businesses including bars, restaurants, hotels, shops or golf clubs.

Commercial Use – Restaurant in Brentwood, Essex


Lanai Louvered Roof Canopy

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The Lanai Louvered Roof Canopy is an innovative and modular terrace covering with horizontal sun protection roof with rotating blades.  In addition to the louvered roof that can be closed off on all sides using the integrated windproof Fixscreens®, sliding glass walls, Loggia® sliding panels or a combination of these.

The roof is made of extruded aluminium blades that can be rotated to control the sun protection and ventilation based on the users’ needs.  The blades can be easily operated using a Somfy remote control.  It is waterproof when closed.

The water is carried off to the columns via the integrated water guide channels. This water removal also words when the blades are rotated to an open position after it rains, so that the furniture on the patio stays protected.

By adding side elements you created infinite possibilities for customisation.  Windproof, motorised Fixscreen® sun protection screens are available in 50 colours and can be fitted with Crystal Windows.  Sliding glass doors can be integrated, as well as in combination with integrated Fixscreens®.  Loggia® sliding panels offer another option.  These can be provided with the same fabric as the screens, in Western Red Cedar or aluminium blades.

A great deal of attention is also given to the quality of the finish.  For example, the fixation parts are practically invisible, all of the electrical cables are hidden and invisible floor mountings is also possible.

The high-quality materials and design keep maintenance to a minimum, while simultaneously guaranteeing exceptional sustainability. 

Lanai Commercial Glass Rooms, Verandas & Awnings

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Commercial Solutions

Pubs, Bars, Restaurants & Cafés
Whether adding sun protection to an outdoor seating area, protecting your customers from inclement
weather or extending your restaurant space, we can help make your customers feel at home. Sign-writing options also make the products perfect for advertising.

Offer your guests a comfortable environment that they can use around the clock to enjoy breakfast outside on a spring morning, a drink before dinner or enjoying a relaxing afternoon. The addition of heating or LED lighting makes the most comfortable of places even more usable.

The most traditional form of shading, weather protection and advertising for the high street. Shops use
awnings to protect from sunlight and glare, to protect stock in the shop window. The addition of sign writing to the valance or main cover adds an extra message to your customers.

From protecting young children from dangerous sunlight to giving them a sheltered spot to play outside when it is raining. Lanai outdoor living products can make it so much easier to enjoy the outdoors.

Heavy-duty Awning for almost any kind of installation

Awnings – the perfect add-on for your establishment

Lanai offers you the perfect individual, German-engineered awning for commercial applications. 47 RAL powder coating colours plus 9 trend colours free of charge will match your corporate colour scheme and all-round appearance. Optional signwriting on valances and/or the main cover will get your brand seen everywhere. The outside room you create will add further turnover to your business immediately, a great solution for your commercial establishment.

Integrated LED lighting for long evenings on the patio
LED casts an atmospheric, warm white light for even longer hours of enjoyment on the patio.
• patent-pending LED spotlights
• operating life of 30,000 hours
• highly energy efficient
• infinitely dimmable when used with BiConnect radio control
• can be used even when awning is retracted

Tempura heating system – cosy warmth on cooler days
Pleasant, instant heat without any pre-heating: the energy efficient Tempura infrared heater delivers a heat output of over 1,500 watts. Very easy to operate and dim using the radio control.

High-performance technology in the smallest of spaces
Fully sheltered: inside the cassette is the very latest in awning technology.
• durable and very quiet LongLife arm (10-year warranty)
• 100,000 cycles in a fatigue test – no wear and tear
• drop-forged aluminium in arm joint
• torsion-resistant roller tube Semina, the perfect heavy-duty awning for almost any kind of installation

Pergola in red

Versatile Weather Protection Under a Folding Roof

This folding roof combines weather protection with the enjoyment of basking in the sun

The flexible folding roof turns your patio into a variable environment with a Mediterranean feel. When it is open, you enjoy pure fun in the sun, as if in an open-top car. When closed, it filters out the sunlight and provides UV protection.

And as a rain roof, it even resists a downpour. Thanks to the self-supporting design, it even readily copes with strong winds. The PVC fabric is resistant to tearing, light and rain and can be extended and retracted to any length with the help of a motor.

Sturdy roof construction – wind and rain resistant
The tear-resistant PVC is fastened to robust aluminium transoms. This combination withstands wind strengths of up to 8 (Beaufort) – even when the folding roof is extended.
• controlled drainage of rainwater with a minimum pitch of 8°
• the fabric is extended with lateral guidance – due to a robust counterbalance system

Controlled water drainage – for optimal rain protection
When fully extended, the front transom is located directly above the guttering to provide controlled water drainage.
• transparent heavy duty PVC lip to guide dripping water away
• guides water neatly into the gutter and the drain integrated in the post

Modular system – better weather protection, even easier to use
Easy to add or even retro fit additional elements to this system
• all-glass glazing elements
• vertical awnings
• light, heating, remote control

The KOA Provides High Wind Stability

Cosy and sturdy, with modular additional elements, the Lanai KOA is your retractable textile patio roof for many commercial applications, from alfresco dining to schools or nurseries. When there is too much sun or wind, the extendable textile roof provides reliable protection. From a pitch of 14°, the KOA can also be used to reliably protect against rain. It can be closed off on every side using vertical glass elements or shades for even greater protection and comfort.

KOA – the systematic textile patio roof
Large-scale retractable fabric roof – for heavier and longer use
A professional all-rounder – the KOA textile patio roof leaves a positive impression with its particularly stable, windproof construction and its suitability for large-scale units.
• extensive multi-section units are possible
• outstanding design, winner of the iF design award in 2011

Stable crossbeams – for wind stability, keep fabric in place
A strong crossbeam provides maximum stability between the two posts. It makes the textile patio roof
particularly resistant to wind.
• ideal fabric tensioning due to inclusion of crossbeam
• can be installed with side awnings and vertical all-glass elements

Sun protection with highly innovative tensioning system
There are many advantages to the tensioning system:
• taut fabric whatever the fabric size or wind angle
• stable even in side winds

Duofix – sheltered outside areas increase revenue opportunities

With the Lanai Duofix construction you can create your outside area underneath this unit, which will have a direct impact on your sales. You can combine the Duofix with the Topas or Opal Design/LED awnings or with the KOA or retractable textile roofs. With 47 RAL colours plus 9 WiGa trend colours and over 200 fabrics to choose from, you will always find the perfect match for your corporate colour scheme.

Free-standing, without wall or floor fixings
The Duofix provides the easiest setup ever. You can choose different types of fixings to perfectly match your needs. Be it screw-in base plates, concrete foundations or stone baskets.

More comfort with Tempura heating system and LED lighting
Increase the comfort factor for your guests with the latest generation of dimmable LED lights and infrared Tempura heating elements. You can extend your outdoor season for your guests.

A strong crossbeam provides maximum stability between the two posts. It makes the textile patio roof particularly wind resistant.
• ideal fabric tensioning due to inclusion of crossbeam
• can be installed with side awnings and vertical all-glass elements

With awning or textile patio roof
Lanai pre-mounts all fixings for the products before delivery. This cuts down on the installation time and ensures that everything is in the right place. So, all you have to do is choose your perfect combination of products.

The patio roof Terrazza leaves a great impression due to its high durability and well-engineered design

The all-inclusive solution Terrazza and Glass Room will provide you with the all-inclusive solution for your outside area. The well-engineered glass and aluminium construction. This modular system allows you to decide what features to show: all-around sliding glass door elements, textile sun protection, LED light bars, infrared heating. Your customers will love the comfort and cosiness factor under your glass roof.

Easy to open: convenient and user-friendly
The easy-glide sliding door is outstandingly easy to operate.
• very user-friendly all-glass elements
• sliding the panels is a breeze
• exceptionally smooth operation
• foot-operated lock on the inside – no need to bend over

Fits under any patio roof
Being a vertical structure, the easy-glide all-glass sliding door fits under virtually every patio roof as well as numerous roof structures.
• no additional costs for structural safety adjustments
• trouble-free cleaning due to easy access from the outside
• Maximum transparency and premium weather protection

Fully unrestricted panoramic view:
• no vertical frames between the panels
• significant noise reduction
• structural safety calculations performed by certified engineering firm